Episode 146

Published on:

23rd Jul 2021

The Films of Tsui Hark - Part 1

This week we're headed back to Hong Kong as we launch another multi-episode expedition into the kinetic, underseen, influential HK New Wave scene. This time around we're focusing on Tsui Hark, a man whose vast filmography stretches all the way from Wuxia to Van Damme. I'm sure your Twitter follows are convinced he's a sinister agent of Xi Jinping, but honestly, he's just a goddamn great director. We promise. To kick things off, our regular panel of mediocrity is joined by real deal film writer Sean Gilman as we examine a particularly eclectic selection from Tsui's career. Is it a perfect primer? Who's to say! Are there killer butterflies? You bet your ass there are.

THIS WEEK: The Blade (1995), The Butterfly Murders (1979), Green Snake (1993), and Peking Opera Blues (1986)

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