Episode 107

Published on:

3rd Sep 2020

The Films of Ernest P. Worrell - Part 2

There once was a man named Worrell - Ernest P. Worrell!

Even as a lad he was sensitive and caring

As cunning as a fox and as slippery as a herring

Whimsical and Mellow- A hale and hearty fellow

Not formal... Not normal!

There once was a man named Worrell - Ernest P. Worrell!

He's kindly as a saint but he'll never shirk a battle

To villains everywhere he's a burr beneath the saddle

He's nimble quick and brawny-His skin is smooth and tawny

Not mealy... Not really!

Ah ah ah ah! See the lightning fill the sky!

Ah ah ah ah! See the angry tide!

See the blinding rain come down

'Oh where is a hero now?' The children cried

He's inside... He went inside!

There once was a man named Worrell - Ernest P. Worrell

The hero of today is the legend of tomorrow

And whosoever crosses him shall live their life in sorrow

For lo the bridges burneth

That they may not returneth

To learneth... from Erneth!

There once was a man named Worrell - Ernest P. Worrell!

Let's celebrate this champion, this paragon of virtue

And should you be his foe, he'll be sorry if he hurts you

To some he's just a man but to others he's a beacon!

He sends his mother cash and he calls her every weekend!

He's punctual, he's affable, he's never quick to quarrel

He's moral... He's Ernest P. Worrell!

THIS WEEK: Ernest Scared Stupid (1991), Ernest Rides Again (1993), and Ernest Goes to School (1994)

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