Episode 143

Published on:

17th Jun 2021

Happy Ska-ther's Day

A lesser podcast might do a special Father's Day episode by curating a selection of DAD DAY FAVS and reminiscing about bygone moments with pops. Fuck that. We take Father's Day very seriously and very literally. We'll remember to call up dear old dad this year (doubtful) and do an episode where we watch any film with the title Father's Day.

That means we'll be checking out the 1997 Ivan Reitman joint starring Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, Sugar Ray, and a skankin' ska soundtrack. If you're wondering, Father's Day (1997) aged about as well as The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and is somehow less memorable.

We're also discussing our first Astron-6 film on the podcast, Father's Day (2011). It's a gore-and-incest-heavy Troma pastiche that your dad will probably hate unless he's the sort of guy who stands in line at a horror convention for six hours with a half-chub waiting to take a picture with Elvira. Your dad is better than that.

THIS WEEK: Father's Day (1997) and Father's Day (2011)

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