Episode 127

Published on:

9th Feb 2021


The occasionally great, always ambitious, frequently derided films of Albert Pyun have been a mainstay of late-night premium cable and dusty video store shelves for decades. But who is the man behind the only good sequel to Kickboxer and the best Captain America movie?

Justin Decloux, author of Radioactive Dreams: The Cinema of Albert Pyun, joins us as we explore Pyun's wild filmography and one-of-a-kind cinematic voice.

It's time to get Pyun-pilled, baby.

THIS WEEK: Radioactive Dreams (1985), Vicious Lips (1986), Alien from L.A. (1988), Journey to the Center of the Earth (1988), Cyborg (1989), Deceit (1989), Captain America (1990), Arcade (1993), and Nemesis (1992)

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