Episode 178

Published on:

21st Apr 2022

Just Another Normad Episode

THIS WEEK: Champagne and Bullets AKA Geteven AKA Road to Revenge (1993)

How do you measure greatness? When do you know you're watching an unimpeachable masterpiece? What is it like to touch the hand of God?

The closest any of us can really get is John DeHart's 1993 movie, Champagne and Bullets. Originally released to little fanfare and then re-edited and re-released multiple times by writer/director/actor/producer/composer John DeHart under alternate titles, Champagne and Bullets is an unforgettable film full of action, painfully long sex scenes, and satanic baby sacrifices.

Witness a visibly drunk Wings Hauser give the performance of a lifetime! Stand in awe of William Smith's gravel-voiced portrayal of the dastardly Normad (yes that's with a "d")!

Open your heart, dear listener, and let John DeHart gently shimmy slide into it.

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