Episode 228

Published on:

13th Apr 2023

Don't Need Nothin' But a Good Movie Watchin' Time (The Cinema of Bret Michaels)

THIS WEEK: A Letter From Death Row (1998) and No Code of Conduct (1998)

Wassa goin' on? Our Patrons have spoken. That's wassa goin' on. And by "spoken" we mean they voted in a cryptic poll that lead to us watching the films of Bret Michaels this week. From singing for the 80s hair metal band Poison to winning Celebrity Apprentice and starring in his own reality TV dating show, Bret Michaels has done it all. He even formed his own film production company with Charlie Sheen in the 90s to show the world what a true Oscar-caliber performance looks like. Behold the power of cinema.

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