Peaks and Valleys: Fire Walk With Me

I’ll see you again in 25 years.

Spoken (backwards!) by the recently murdered Laura Palmer, it seemed just another cryptic sentiment in a show full of codes, but the show’s creators, David Lynch and Mark Frost have once again defied expectations. It took a little more than 25 years, but Twin Peaks is returning to our screens and fulfilling Laura’s promise. The show was a sensation in 1990, fueling water-cooler conversations around the world, but this new “TV Event” isn’t the first televisual addendum to the original show. In 1992 there was Fire Walk With Me, a film that served as a prequel, examining Laura’s final days. It was not readily embraced. Booed at Cannes (though what isn’t?), it was dismissed by critics and, even with an established fanbase, failed to ignite the box office. Some quarter of a century later, it’s still the subject of debate. Some have reclaimed it as the lost gem of Lynch’s career. Others remain unconvinced. Here at Optimism Vaccine, we’re split down the middle. So we decided we’d lay out our best takes, positive and negative, and let you decide…

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