Zombie Noir...ish

There is a rising (pun intended) trend in television at the moment – the dead are returning to life, and they’re not just driven by a desire to eat human flesh any more. They reappear fully functioning and mostly aware of their identities. People of all ages and all time periods, the returned are popping up in small country towns across the globe, wreaking (emotional) havoc on the living. Three recent examples of this are Les Revenants, the seminal 2012 French show that arguably began this whole shebang, the U.S.’s 2014 addition Resurrection, and Australia’s recent Glitch (late to the party as always, Australia). Each show has a strikingly similar premise – a small country town is visited by its dead. There’s a policeman and talk of God on the periphery, a murder victim seeking justice, and resurrected lovers fight with living spouses. None of the returned can leave, forcing them to confront their experiences within a confined space.

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