Five Great Summer Movies

It’s official, summer is here! The weather’s warming up and it’s a great time to hit the road, find an adventure, and soak up the sunshine along the way. Maybe you’re flying solo or maybe you’ve got some of your best friends with you, either way the summer sun is calling you to the great outdoors. But here at Optimism Vaccine we understand you can’t spend the whole season living life at full tilt. Sometimes you’ve got to kick back and recharge those batteries. So here’s five great summer movies to keep you company in the shade.

Summer With Monika
Let’s kick things off with this steamy take on summer flings and rebellious youth. Young Harry’s bored with his dead-end apprenticeship and is looking to cut loose for the summer. He need look no further than sexy bombshell Monika, who’s taken a shine to Harry. Stealing his father’s boat, Harry whisks Monika away and they set sail for the unknown, spending their summer on-the-run and in love. But with his dad closing in, and Monika’s wild spirit, things are just getting started for poor Harry. Just because it was made in 1953, don’t assume this one’s all wholesome values and starched shirts. Heck no, Summer With Monika’s take on summer trysts put “art-house” in the dog-house and caused a stir in the US when it was first released, with droves coming at the promise of naked flesh. So pour yourself an ice-cold glass of vodka and enjoy the ride!

Wake in Fright
Australia knows all about hard drinking and this movie’s the granddaddy of them all. It’s summer vacation and schoolteacher John Grant wants to skip town to meet up with his hot girlfriend who’s working in Sydney. But life’s got some surprises in store for poor John. A misunderstanding leaves him stuck in Bundanyabba, a tiny mining town that’s short on ladies but rich in cold brews. Recognizing a chance to cut loose, John’s not going to let this change in plans get him down. Hanging out at the local watering hole, he meets some crazy characters and discovers their outrageous local customs. It’s like The Hangover except they never stop partying! With non-stop drinking and zany Outback adventures, this is the ultimate party movie and you’ll never forget the friends you’ll make along the way. So crack open a Fosters and enjoy the ride!

See the Sea
This one’s for the girls. You know the drill, you’re stuck in the house and going stir-crazy but no one wants to go anywhere or do anything. That’s just how Sasha is in this quirky movie set on a super-scenic little French island. Although she can hang out on the beach and soak up the sun, Sasha’s life is just a little too humdrum. That’s when ‘new girl in town,’ Tatianna drifts by to help her out. Backpacking around, just going where life takes her, Tatianna brings a welcome sense of adventure. But Tatianna’s looking for something and she’ll need Sasha’s help finding it. It’s a mystery they’ll have to unravel together, in a delightful beachside adventure that will define their friendship. See the Sea has got it all and, at just 52 minutes long, it’s so breezy it might just help you beat the heat. So crack open some ice-cold champagne and enjoy the ride!

Y Tu Mamá También
The ultimate boy’s adventure, Y Tu Mamá También takes us on the road with two best friends and a sexy older woman. Julio and Tenoch are two young guys looking to make their mark during their final summer season before resigning themselves to ‘adulthood.’ Their girlfriends are taking a trip to Italy and while they’re away, the boy’s will play. They meet smoking hot Luisa at a wedding and, eager to get to know her better (much better!) they make up a story about an amazing beach and invite her to travel with them there. Sensing the boy’s sense of mischief, Luisa agrees, setting in motion a wild journey full of drugs and naked skin. Y Tu Mamá También takes us along the high-ways and by-ways of a Mexico in flux. But the movie’s not all just fun and games. Attentive viewers will be rewarded by how the film intertwines comment on Mexican history- like who’s knocked boots with who in this smoldering summer romp that just doesn’t let up. So crack open an ice-cold Corona and enjoy the ride!

Do the Right Thing
It’s a hot, hot summer day and something’s gotta give. That’s the premise of Spike Lee’s summer mainstay, Do the Right Thing. But just what is “the right thing” we should do? Well, it’s hanging with friends, enjoying some pizza, and making great memories along the way. Filled with a host of kooky characters, Lee captures the vibe of the melting pot we know as New York City. And it’s melting faster than ever because this movie’s set on the hottest day of the year! Boom-Boxes, Air Jordans, and some serious “bling” give this movie all kinds of street cred, and it’ll have you in stitches with its fun story of a pizza delivery-boy who gets caught up in a race riot that exposes deeply rooted racial and class divides that continue to pervade all levels of American society and perpetuate inequality and systemic violence against African-Americans. So crack open a “Forty” and enjoy the ride!